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Design Process

At STI, we offer a wide variety of sensing elements, including epoxy coated chip and glass encapsulated thermistors, thin film and wire wound platinum RTDs, voltage to temperature transducers, and current to temperature transducers. Our sensors are used from -50°C to +500°C with acccuracies as close as ±0.10°C.

A properly designed housing is critical to sensor performance. It locates the element in direct contact with the medium to be measured and protects the sensor from damage while allowing for the fastest possible thermal response. In addition to having a large selection of standard list precision closed end tubes, we offer a wide variety of machined stainless steel, brass, copper, and plastic housings.

Throughout the design process, we use 3D modeling as our means of communicating ideas to and getting feedback from our customers. Once the model is complete and approved, we often provide prototype units for test and evaluation.

Sensing Technologies utilizes NIST traceable temperature measuring equipment to insure accuracy at tolerances down to ±0.01°C. MIL standard testing includes shock and vibration, temperature, humidity, corrosion, and altitude.